9 Jun

The Capes & Crafts blog is upping sticks and moving! You can now find us here, which will hopefully be more regularly updated and better maintained in general. You should definitely follow the new blog, and sign up for the newsletter while you’re there too, as there’ll be details of a giveaway in the first newsletter (exciting!)

This blog will still exist as an archive, though won’t be updated anymore. Thanks for all your support here, and we hope you’ll check out the new blog!



New Fabrics = New Stock!

3 Jun

We’ve been getting lots of lovely new fabrics in recently, and been busily turning them into awesome accessories. We’ll have purses, card wallets and pencil cases back in store soon, as well as this very special Star Wars BBQ apron.

Millenium Falcon BBQ Apron - £15

Millenium Falcon BBQ Apron – £15

I will only be making two of these, and they should fit most sizes, male and female, so don’t hesitate – once they’re gone, they’re gone. Have a look at some of the other items we’ve got in store – a lot of these things are selling fast, and I’m working my little socks off to keep up! All of these tiems can be found in our sew geeky store section.

Game of Thrones zip purse - £6.50

Game of Thrones zip purse – £6.50

Candy coloured Tardis coin purse - £9.00

Candy coloured Tardis coin purse – £9.00

Star Wars coin purse - £7.50

Star Wars coin purse – £7.50

Batgirl wrist pin cushion - £5.00

Batgirl wrist pin cushion – £5.00

Zip purse - £5

Zip purse – £5


Zip purse – £5

Zip purse - £5

Zip purse – £5

Remember to keep checking our sew geeky section to find the perfect item for you, or the perfect gift for a friend!

Good News Everyone!

25 Apr

Not only are we back from holiday but all patterns in our store are now instant download! Which means no more waiting and no more pesky time differences delaying the delivery of your brand new pattern. You can started right away!

We have new patterns in the works and new accessories planned in new interesting, geeky fabrics. So stayed tuned by following us here on the blog, on Twitter or on Facebook to be the first to hear about new items hitting the store!

Nerdtastic Easter Basket

10 Mar

You’ll no doubt be aware that there are tons of Easter themed cross stitch patterns out there. It seems to be a big event on the cross stitcher’s calendar. They usually feature bunnies or chicks or, my personal favourite, a basket full of colourful eggs with bows and flowers on it. All very pretty, but not very geeky. So in our usual style, we took something traditional and turned it on its head. Check out another one of our seasonal patterns in store – a Mario themed Easter basket pattern!

The recipe for this creation? Take one plain brown basket, and fill it with Yoshi eggs …


Add Lady Bow’s bow on top …


And finish with fresh blooming fire flowers …


Mix together artfully and voila! A geeky Easter basket!

Mario Easter Basket pattern - £2.30

Mario Easter Basket pattern – £2.30

This pattern is perfect for adding to homemade Easter cards, and will only be available until March 30th before it heads back into the C&C vault.


Vacation News

7 Mar

You may have noticed a distinct slowing of pace around these parts, as well as on our Facebook page. That’s because on April 18th, the capes behind the crafts (myself and Steve) are getting married! Ultimately this has meant less time to spend on new patterns and other geeky shop things as we finish crafting our TARDIS cake topper and lego card box among other things. Anyone who’s ever planned a wedding, been in a wedding or even seen a romantic comedy will know that the last month in particular is pretty hectic. We have the added bonus of having to load up our unreliable car, Bessie, with kids and wedding crafts, and drive from Scotland to Ireland the week before (by way of a ferry, we don’t have an awesome submersible car – more’s the pity.)

Anywho, in real terms this means that there might be one or two new patterns this month, but on March 30th, the store will be going into vacation mode while we focus on wedding hijinks. We expect to reopen in late April. In the meantime, we’d like to thank you all for making our little store a modest success in its first year. April 5th marks the first anniversary of our first pattern sale, and it’s been onwards and upwards since then. Hopefully the year ahead will be just as exciting!

Custom Order News

14 Feb

Just to let you all know, we are temporarily closing to all kinds of custom orders – including both physical items and digital patterns. We have several personal projects to focus on at the moment, but we will be accepting orders again towards the end of April 🙂

Geeky Hanky

4 Feb

A while back we bought a huge amount of vintage handkerchiefs for a personal project, and recently, while cleaning our craft room, I found a handful of plain white ones that were left over and forgotten about. That’s when I had the idea to use waste canvas to cross stitch designs onto them.


The handkerchiefs dated from the 50’s I think, and this one has a pretty lace corner on one side.



We adapted our much larger Stark sigil pattern to create this simplified direwolf motif. We also designed the words ‘winter is coming’ in a pretty cursive script.


With so many people being more eco conscious these days – reusing canvas bags, recycling etc etc, it’s a wonder that more people haven’t embraced the cotton hanky. They can also be used for cleaning glasses or touch screens, for those of us who aren’t keen on the idea of blowing our noses in them. Whatever its use, we think this geeky hanky is pretty cool, and a great gift for any Game of Thrones fan. It’ll be in our Etsy store soon, priced at £4.00, and may well be one of a kind.

Here’s a sneak peek at another hanky I’ve been working on. Ideal for Whovians!


This hanky has a crochet style lace trim all around. It just needs a careful wash and press and should also be in store soon.


Once again, this will be a unique one off piece, so if you like it, don’t hesitate!