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Stitching in Rapture

21 Apr

Both myself and the boyfriend love the Bioshock games. I can be pretty difficult to impress when it comes to video games, and I don’t buy a huge amount, so a game has to be pretty amazing for me to love it. Bioshock is defintiely amazing. Creepy, with lofty philosophical undertones, it manages to cleverly play on the limitations traditional console gaming imposes, most memorably, the lack of free inherent in a limited game environment. So it was always going to be a no brainer that we design some patterns based on the game. There are two patterns in store at the moment, and Steve has a few more up his sleeve.

Bioshock little sister quote sampler pattern - £2.30

The little sisters were my favourite characters (I always saved them – I couldn’t bring myself to harvest any) and their relationship with the Big Daddies is at once endearing and terrifying. So what better subject for a sampler!

Bioshock Ryan quote cross stitch sampler pattern - £2.30

Andrew Ryan’s philosophies are the core of both Bioshock games, and the deco styling of Rapture inspired the design of this pattern. I even created a Raptue ‘seal’ using some of the in-game fonts and a little 40’s flair. The tangled border gave me a little bit of trouble at the corners, but I just couldn’t finish the pattern without it – I think it really ties together the retro vibe.


So, two Bioshock patterns in store at the moment, and with the imminent release of Bioshock Infinite and the dramatic change in setting, you can expect to see a few more!


God of Thunder

18 Apr

Another new pattern found it’s way into the shop this week. This Thor pattern was finished really late at night, in a surprising flash of inspiration, and I think it looks pretty neat. The viking script took AGES to get perfect – it really was a labour of love. It paid off though, I think, and one of these patterns has already sold 🙂

Thor Mjolnir pattern - £2.30

Game of Thrones pattern special!!

17 Apr

So we have a number of Game of Thrones house sigil cross stitch patterns in the store. Five to be exact – Stark, Greyjoy, Lannister, Targaryen and Baratheon. In honour of the new season of Game of Thrones that’s currently in full swing, we’re having a very special offer on these five patterns. Simply buy any three, and we’ll send you all five! That works out at five pattern for £6, and we like to think that’s a pretty good deal. (Sorry, this offer is now finished! But check back for other offers coming soon!)

Barartheon house sigl cross stitch pattern – £2.00

Greyjoy house sigil cross stitch pattern – £2.00

Lannister house sigil cross stitch pattern – £2.00

Stark house sigil cross stitch pattern – £2.00

Targaryen house sigil cross stitch pattern – £2.00

We also have a pretty nifty Night’s Watch oath pattern that isn’t included in this offer but is a great project for beginners. So why not take advantage of our special offer and have a nose around the shop. I’m sure there’ll be something you like.

Context: I ate all your bees.

15 Apr

Black Books 'I ate all your bees' pattern - £2.30

This Black Books pattern is one of my favourites, and the pattern I’m most proud of designing. It features a quote from the British comedy series, delivered by Manny, who was played by Bill Bailey. For those unfamiliar with the series, I strongly urge you watch it. It is brilliantly funny. This quote is from episode 5 of season 1, The Big Lock Out. In this episode, Manny is locked in the book shop overnight, while Bernard is locked out, by a new high-tech security system. Manny ends up drinking absinthe and eating dead bees to ‘survive.’

Things are Happening!!

14 Apr

I’ve been very creative the past few days, whipping up a few new patterns this week and generally pruning the store so as it makes more sense. I’ve also set up a Facebook page for the shop, though in reality, I have no idea what I’m doing over there! So why not go find me and offer some moral support. Once I have the hang of it, I have vague ideas of encouraging customers to send pics of their finished work so it’ll hopefully become quite a fun, nerdy place.

I’ve added some especially geeky patterns recently. Check out some of my favourites below, and pop along to the store to see what else I’ve been doing. I think you’ll agree that some of them are super cool! And remember, if you like the look of any of the patterns but aren’t a cross stitcher yourself, feel free to contact us and either myself or Steve can stitch up the pattern for you, either finished in a hoop ready to hang, or rolled for you to frame yourself.

It Crowd Moss quote pattern - £2.30

Game of Thrones Night's Watch oath pattern - £2.30

Doctor Who 'The Angels Have The Phone Box' pattern - £2.30

My Neighbour Totoro Catbus pattern - £2.30

And I have plenty more ideas ready to work on too, so keep checking our store. We will have something for everyone 🙂

Happy Stitching!

Tutorial: How To Make Cross Stitch Badges

11 Apr

I also write for a website called Daily Waffle, and have written a number of tutorials. This one in particular may be useful for all you cross stitch geeks out there!


Cross stitching is a really simple technique to learn. I was first introduced to it in primary school, and I just recently taught my boyfriend the finer points. While the average haberdashery or craft shop is awash with old-fashioned patterns that give cross stitching a dated image, there is actually a huge amount of people working fun, modern, and sometimes nerdy, patterns. And one of the easiest ways to display your handiwork, is by turning it into a little badge. This tutorial will assume that you already know how to cross stitch. If you don’t, feel free to cry for help in the comments section.

You will need: self cover buttons (I used a 29mm size), button making press, brooch or badge pin, aida, embroidery floss, needle, a cross stitch pattern (this can be one you draft yourself, or working from a game sprite works well – they’re about the right size.)

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Change of Direction

10 Apr

Despite our best efforts to create beautiful handmade cross stitches, so you don’t have too, we’ve had more requests for the patterns we’re using than the finished items. It seems everyone actually wants to do it themselves! The good news is, we’ve invested in some pattern software and we’re now specialising in original geeky patterns for the contemporary cross stitcher. There will still be the odd finished piece up for grabs, but our focus will be coming up with unique PDF patterns at great prices.

In other good news, we are also open to custom orders. So if there’s a favourite video game character, movie quote or superhero you’d like to stitch, but can’t quite seem to work out that perfect pattern, don’t hesitate to contact us. Simialrly, if you love one of our patterns, but cross stitch isn’t your thing, we’ll glaly stitch it for you, so all you have to do is frame it. We’re be happy to help you in all your geeky stitching endeavours!

We’ll be creating a Facebook page for the shop soon too, which will feature news, upcoming sale info and discount codes to use in the shop. In the meantime you can follow us on Twitter @capeandcrafts and check out the shop to see what’s happening.


Happy Stitching!