Tutorial: How To Make Cross Stitch Badges

11 Apr

I also write for a website called Daily Waffle, and have written a number of tutorials. This one in particular may be useful for all you cross stitch geeks out there!


Cross stitching is a really simple technique to learn. I was first introduced to it in primary school, and I just recently taught my boyfriend the finer points. While the average haberdashery or craft shop is awash with old-fashioned patterns that give cross stitching a dated image, there is actually a huge amount of people working fun, modern, and sometimes nerdy, patterns. And one of the easiest ways to display your handiwork, is by turning it into a little badge. This tutorial will assume that you already know how to cross stitch. If you don’t, feel free to cry for help in the comments section.

You will need: self cover buttons (I used a 29mm size), button making press, brooch or badge pin, aida, embroidery floss, needle, a cross stitch pattern (this can be one you draft yourself, or working from a game sprite works well – they’re about the right size.)

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