Stitching in Rapture

21 Apr

Both myself and the boyfriend love the Bioshock games. I can be pretty difficult to impress when it comes to video games, and I don’t buy a huge amount, so a game has to be pretty amazing for me to love it. Bioshock is defintiely amazing. Creepy, with lofty philosophical undertones, it manages to cleverly play on the limitations traditional console gaming imposes, most memorably, the lack of free inherent in a limited game environment. So it was always going to be a no brainer that we design some patterns based on the game. There are two patterns in store at the moment, and Steve has a few more up his sleeve.

Bioshock little sister quote sampler pattern - £2.30

The little sisters were my favourite characters (I always saved them – I couldn’t bring myself to harvest any) and their relationship with the Big Daddies is at once endearing and terrifying. So what better subject for a sampler!

Bioshock Ryan quote cross stitch sampler pattern - £2.30

Andrew Ryan’s philosophies are the core of both Bioshock games, and the deco styling of Rapture inspired the design of this pattern. I even created a Raptue ‘seal’ using some of the in-game fonts and a little 40’s flair. The tangled border gave me a little bit of trouble at the corners, but I just couldn’t finish the pattern without it – I think it really ties together the retro vibe.


So, two Bioshock patterns in store at the moment, and with the imminent release of Bioshock Infinite and the dramatic change in setting, you can expect to see a few more!


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