Not Just Capes

18 Jul

We’re getting ready to introduce some new merchandise into the store at the end of August, which isn’t so much cross stitch related, but more fabric and needle and thread based. We toyed with the idea of opening another store for our textile products, but we don’t want to confuse anybody, so you’ll find the new products under the ‘sew geeky‘ tag in our existing store when they’re listed (if you check it out at the minute, there’s a lonely Batman skirt available, and I have enough fabric to make one in a smaller size if you like.) We’ll also be taking custom orders, and while our store will remain heavily geek based, we welcome all sorts of requests. This post is about one of them.

So here at C&C towers we clearly love our superheroes. But, while some kids love comics, and that’s awesome, some kids love princesses, and that’s awesome too. And we’re more than happy to help those kids deck out their bedrooms, pillow forts or cardboard box castles with super awesome decorations too. Check out our most recent custom order. The request was for bunting for a little girl’s bedroom, in pinks and purples. I asked what kind of things she was into, and was told she loved Disney princesses. So I found some suitable fabric and got to work. This was the result.

The little girl in question hasn’t seen it yet, but her mum is certain she’ll love it, and I was able to use the excess fabric to make two matching cushion covers 🙂

So, if you like what we do (and I’ll have more examples of just what we can do in the coming days) feel free to ask us to change up the fabrics or colours. We’re always happy to help!



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