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Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff

16 Jan

A while back, on Twitter, I was despairing over DMC’s metallic threads and how difficult they are to use. Fellow cross stitchers agreed with me, and none of us had found a solution to make them easier to work with. The problem was, that some of our patterns, like this Doctor Who Gallifreyan pattern are simply crying out for some shimmery silver thread to lend it that cosmic, timey wimey look. So, imagine my delight when an alternative was suggested – Kreinik Metallics. I had been told that their braids are more flexible and easier to work with, but I hadn’t ever tried the brand before. I figured I may as well give it a go.

Large Doctor Who Gallifreyan badge - £3.00

Large Doctor Who Gallifreyan badge – £3.00

Lo and behold! I stitched the Gallifreyan alphabet inspired badge you see before you using Kreinik Metallics Very Fine #4 braid on 22 count aida (which is the count of aida I least enjoy working with) and I was done within an hour! Colour me impressed. The Kreinik braid didn’t unravel the way DMC had, and it felt more like normal floss and less rough than the other metallic threads I’ve tried. It really was so easy to stitch with and I could even use generous lengths as the thread didn’t insist on tangling itself into knots. I am now officially a convert and if you’re planning on stitching one of our patterns that suggests metallics, I highly recommend you try Kreinik if you can get your hands on it – their fine #8 braid works perfect on 14 count aida. And I’ll be whipping up more of these badges for the store, hopefully some on hand dyed aida as well, so be on the look out for that 🙂


Adventure Time patterns

15 Jan

We’ve been busily working on brand new patterns to usher in the new year, and that includes adding new themes and sources of inspiration. First up is Adventure Time! The littlest capes love it because it’s silly and fun and kid friendly, but we big capes love it too for the irreverent humour. So in honour of the genius of Adventure Time, we have two new patterns!


Adventure Time Nightosphere pattern – £2.30

First up it’s one of many memorable quotes from the show, and one of my favourites. We’ve designed this pattern in gothic purples and reds, but I actually think it would look awesome in pastel or bright candy colours – I’m a huge fan of using unexpected colours combinations in needlework.

Adventure Time BMO pattern - £2.30

Adventure Time BMO pattern – £2.30

Our second pattern features BMO who is probably my favourite character in the show. He’s been designed to fit into an 8 inch embroidery hoop and the best thing about this pattern (apart from how awesomely cute it is, of course) is that it comes with a choice of four facial expressions. Click the link to check them out!