Adventure Time patterns

15 Jan

We’ve been busily working on brand new patterns to usher in the new year, and that includes adding new themes and sources of inspiration. First up is Adventure Time! The littlest capes love it because it’s silly and fun and kid friendly, but we big capes love it too for the irreverent humour. So in honour of the genius of Adventure Time, we have two new patterns!


Adventure Time Nightosphere pattern – £2.30

First up it’s one of many memorable quotes from the show, and one of my favourites. We’ve designed this pattern in gothic purples and reds, but I actually think it would look awesome in pastel or bright candy colours – I’m a huge fan of using unexpected colours combinations in needlework.

Adventure Time BMO pattern - £2.30

Adventure Time BMO pattern – £2.30

Our second pattern features BMO who is probably my favourite character in the show. He’s been designed to fit into an 8 inch embroidery hoop and the best thing about this pattern (apart from how awesomely cute it is, of course) is that it comes with a choice of four facial expressions. Click the link to check them out!


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