Vacation News

7 Mar

You may have noticed a distinct slowing of pace around these parts, as well as on our Facebook page. That’s because on April 18th, the capes behind the crafts (myself and Steve) are getting married! Ultimately this has meant less time to spend on new patterns and other geeky shop things as we finish crafting our TARDIS cake topper and lego card box among other things. Anyone who’s ever planned a wedding, been in a wedding or even seen a romantic comedy will know that the last month in particular is pretty hectic. We have the added bonus of having to load up our unreliable car, Bessie, with kids and wedding crafts, and drive from Scotland to Ireland the week before (by way of a ferry, we don’t have an awesome submersible car – more’s the pity.)

Anywho, in real terms this means that there might be one or two new patterns this month, but on March 30th, the store will be going into vacation mode while we focus on wedding hijinks. We expect to reopen in late April. In the meantime, we’d like to thank you all for making our little store a modest success in its first year. April 5th marks the first anniversary of our first pattern sale, and it’s been onwards and upwards since then. Hopefully the year ahead will be just as exciting!


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