Nerdtastic Easter Basket

10 Mar

You’ll no doubt be aware that there are tons of Easter themed cross stitch patterns out there. It seems to be a big event on the cross stitcher’s calendar. They usually feature bunnies or chicks or, my personal favourite, a basket full of colourful eggs with bows and flowers on it. All very pretty, but not very geeky. So in our usual style, we took something traditional and turned it on its head. Check out another one of our seasonal patterns in store – a Mario themed Easter basket pattern!

The recipe for this creation? Take one plain brown basket, and fill it with Yoshi eggs …


Add Lady Bow’s bow on top …


And finish with fresh blooming fire flowers …


Mix together artfully and voila! A geeky Easter basket!

Mario Easter Basket pattern - £2.30

Mario Easter Basket pattern – £2.30

This pattern is perfect for adding to homemade Easter cards, and will only be available until March 30th before it heads back into the C&C vault.



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