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Nerdtastic Easter Basket

10 Mar

You’ll no doubt be aware that there are tons of Easter themed cross stitch patterns out there. It seems to be a big event on the cross stitcher’s calendar. They usually feature bunnies or chicks or, my personal favourite, a basket full of colourful eggs with bows and flowers on it. All very pretty, but not very geeky. So in our usual style, we took something traditional and turned it on its head. Check out another one of our seasonal patterns in store – a Mario themed Easter basket pattern!

The recipe for this creation? Take one plain brown basket, and fill it with Yoshi eggs …


Add Lady Bow’s bow on top …


And finish with fresh blooming fire flowers …


Mix together artfully and voila! A geeky Easter basket!

Mario Easter Basket pattern - £2.30

Mario Easter Basket pattern – £2.30

This pattern is perfect for adding to homemade Easter cards, and will only be available until March 30th before it heads back into the C&C vault.



Adventure Time patterns

15 Jan

We’ve been busily working on brand new patterns to usher in the new year, and that includes adding new themes and sources of inspiration. First up is Adventure Time! The littlest capes love it because it’s silly and fun and kid friendly, but we big capes love it too for the irreverent humour. So in honour of the genius of Adventure Time, we have two new patterns!


Adventure Time Nightosphere pattern – £2.30

First up it’s one of many memorable quotes from the show, and one of my favourites. We’ve designed this pattern in gothic purples and reds, but I actually think it would look awesome in pastel or bright candy colours – I’m a huge fan of using unexpected colours combinations in needlework.

Adventure Time BMO pattern - £2.30

Adventure Time BMO pattern – £2.30

Our second pattern features BMO who is probably my favourite character in the show. He’s been designed to fit into an 8 inch embroidery hoop and the best thing about this pattern (apart from how awesomely cute it is, of course) is that it comes with a choice of four facial expressions. Click the link to check them out!

Transformers Patterns

6 Nov

We’ve been a bit quiet on the pattern front recently – we had a few custom patterns to work on and I’ve been busily making tons of wallets, purses etc for the upcoming pop-up shop event. However, we have managed to add two new Transformers themed patterns. The 1980’s animated Transformers movie is watched with worrying regularity here at C&C towers, with the littlest capes being its biggest fans. So it’s only natural that it finally made its way into the store! Check them out 🙂

Transfomers univeral greeting pattern – £2.30

Transformers Megatron quote sampler pattern – £2.30

Also in store, we have a new listing for any three patterns for £5.50, which saves you a little bit of cash. Hand stitched cross stitch samplers make great gifts, and with Christmas coming up, it’s also the perfect way to save a little money on presents while giving your geeky friends and family something they’ll genuinely love!

Christmas Patterns

6 Oct

Christmas has well and truly arrived in our store! We’ve been busily working away on totally awesome and unique Christmas patterns that capture the spirit of the season in true C&C geeky style! So far we’ve got four new patterns in our Christmas section and we are planning on at least a few more. Our focus is on our favourite TV shows at the minute, including the ever popular Big Bang Theory and our very first Peep Show and Blackadder patterns! We’ll have all our Christmas patterns in store by the end of October, so you’ll have plenty of time to get them stitched up for gifts or to add to your own holiday decor.

Doctor Who Christmas pattern – £2.30

In other exciting Christmassy developments, we are heading to our very first craft fair in December! Well, it’s actually being called a Pop-up Shop and is going to be very small (only 10 vendors) with the aim of showcasing local handmade crafts. We were chuffed to bits to be invited to take part! It will be held at Callendar House in Falkirk on December 8th. So if any of you live in Central Scotland, or even as far afield as Edinburgh and Glasgow, we’d love to see you there. Times are yet to be set, but naturally we’ll fill you in on more details as and when we get them, but suffice to say, we’re looking forward to it!

Cross Stitch Riker is Handsome *and* Wise

11 Jun

I don’t think I’m alone in saying that I have a tiny crush on Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Commander Riker. I mean, how can anyone resist such a great beard (we’re pretending pre-beard Riker never existed.) In fact, Steve, the other half of the shop double team, is also the owner of an impressive beard – take from that what you want!

Beard fetishes aside, I think we can all agree that Riker is just plain awesome. Which is why I took one of his best quotes from the series, and set about designing a little cartoon style Riker head to go along with it. Check out the pattern in store now.

Riker quote cross stitch pattern – £2.30

I think Data might be next in line for this treatment – he’s had some awesome lines too. Soon the shop will be over flowing with Star Trek patterns!

My Neighbour Totoro patterns

23 May

This Totoro pattern was the one that started it all! It was one of the first completed samplers we had in store and the one which attracted the msot requests for the pattern. That’s what prompted us to start creating original patterns and selling them to other stitchers. And it is one of our biggest sellers.

My Neighbour Totoro counted cross stitch pattern – £2.30


There are tons of other Studio Ghibli inspired ideas running around my brain, and I’ve managed to turn some of them into patterns. From this very simple, yet striking, Catbus pattern

Catbus counted cross stitch pattern – £2.30

… to my personal favourite – soot sprites!!

Soot Sprites (Susuwatari) counted cross stitch pattern – £2.30


And coming soon, in our  forthcoming glow stitches section of the shop, a glow in the dark kodama – a tree spirit from Princess Mononoke. No doubt there will be requests for this pattern too!

Glow in the Dark Kodama completed sampler – coming soon – £7.50

Back of sampler


Try as I might, I can’t quite seem to get a photo of the glow in the dark effect – but when the sun goes down tonight, I’ll give it another go!

The Avengers cross stitch pattern

7 May

Steve (who you may remember is the other half of the Capes and Crafts tag team) has had a hand in designing a fair amount of the patterns you can find in store. He’s a man of big ideas, and sometimes, I have to rein in his imagination a little. But last weekend, he went to see the new Avengers movie, and, like the rest of the world, was suitably impressed. No, that’s not quite right. He was blown away! I have yet to see it, so can’t pass judgement, but that very night folks, he sat up designing a cool little Avengers pattern, which I thought was totally cute! And it even features Hawkeye’s comics costume rather than the movie one, so it’s not just for cinema fans 🙂

Avengers cross stitch pattern – £2.30


The pale colours of Cap’s headgear and Thor’s helmet mean that this pattern lends itself especially well to be stitched on coloured aida, and would be perfect for a child’s room too.