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New Fabrics = New Stock!

3 Jun

We’ve been getting lots of lovely new fabrics in recently, and been busily turning them into awesome accessories. We’ll have purses, card wallets and pencil cases back in store soon, as well as this very special Star Wars BBQ apron.

Millenium Falcon BBQ Apron - £15

Millenium Falcon BBQ Apron – £15

I will only be making two of these, and they should fit most sizes, male and female, so don’t hesitate – once they’re gone, they’re gone. Have a look at some of the other items we’ve got in store – a lot of these things are selling fast, and I’m working my little socks off to keep up! All of these tiems can be found in our sew geeky store section.

Game of Thrones zip purse - £6.50

Game of Thrones zip purse – £6.50

Candy coloured Tardis coin purse - £9.00

Candy coloured Tardis coin purse – £9.00

Star Wars coin purse - £7.50

Star Wars coin purse – £7.50

Batgirl wrist pin cushion - £5.00

Batgirl wrist pin cushion – £5.00

Zip purse - £5

Zip purse – £5


Zip purse – £5

Zip purse - £5

Zip purse – £5

Remember to keep checking our sew geeky section to find the perfect item for you, or the perfect gift for a friend!


Vacation News

7 Mar

You may have noticed a distinct slowing of pace around these parts, as well as on our Facebook page. That’s because on April 18th, the capes behind the crafts (myself and Steve) are getting married! Ultimately this has meant less time to spend on new patterns and other geeky shop things as we finish crafting our TARDIS cake topper and lego card box among other things. Anyone who’s ever planned a wedding, been in a wedding or even seen a romantic comedy will know that the last month in particular is pretty hectic. We have the added bonus of having to load up our unreliable car, Bessie, with kids and wedding crafts, and drive from Scotland to Ireland the week before (by way of a ferry, we don’t have an awesome submersible car – more’s the pity.)

Anywho, in real terms this means that there might be one or two new patterns this month, but on March 30th, the store will be going into vacation mode while we focus on wedding hijinks. We expect to reopen in late April. In the meantime, we’d like to thank you all for making our little store a modest success in its first year. April 5th marks the first anniversary of our first pattern sale, and it’s been onwards and upwards since then. Hopefully the year ahead will be just as exciting!

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff

16 Jan

A while back, on Twitter, I was despairing over DMC’s metallic threads and how difficult they are to use. Fellow cross stitchers agreed with me, and none of us had found a solution to make them easier to work with. The problem was, that some of our patterns, like this Doctor Who Gallifreyan pattern are simply crying out for some shimmery silver thread to lend it that cosmic, timey wimey look. So, imagine my delight when an alternative was suggested – Kreinik Metallics. I had been told that their braids are more flexible and easier to work with, but I hadn’t ever tried the brand before. I figured I may as well give it a go.

Large Doctor Who Gallifreyan badge - £3.00

Large Doctor Who Gallifreyan badge – £3.00

Lo and behold! I stitched the Gallifreyan alphabet inspired badge you see before you using Kreinik Metallics Very Fine #4 braid on 22 count aida (which is the count of aida I least enjoy working with) and I was done within an hour! Colour me impressed. The Kreinik braid didn’t unravel the way DMC had, and it felt more like normal floss and less rough than the other metallic threads I’ve tried. It really was so easy to stitch with and I could even use generous lengths as the thread didn’t insist on tangling itself into knots. I am now officially a convert and if you’re planning on stitching one of our patterns that suggests metallics, I highly recommend you try Kreinik if you can get your hands on it – their fine #8 braid works perfect on 14 count aida. And I’ll be whipping up more of these badges for the store, hopefully some on hand dyed aida as well, so be on the look out for that 🙂

Merry Christmas!!!

21 Dec

Before all the festive madness starts here at C&C towers, I thought I’d wish all our lovely customers and followers a very merry Christmas and happy new year! This year has been massive for us – we opened our Etsy store in April, and as of today, we have reached over 300 sales. So thank you to everyone out there who helped make out little venture a modest success. We hope to build on that in 2013, which holds lots of exciting things, with brand new patterns hitting the store, new badges, some new free patterns and plenty of geekery. If you haven’t learned to cross stitch yet, why not make that your new year’s resolution!?

Have an awesome Christmas, geeky stitchers, and be sure to join us in the new year for all the fun! x

Geeky Gifts and Christmas Deadlines

27 Nov

The ‘sew geeky‘ section of our store, (which is usually filled with bags and purses in various comic book fabrics) has been selling through fast! While I’m holding on to some items for the up-coming pop-up shop we’ll be attending on December 8th, I’ve also relisted a few items in the shop. Everything is ready to ship, so why not have a look and see if anything catches your eye, either for a Christmas gift or as a treat for yourself.

Also, on the evening of December 8th, I will be listing everything that didn’t sell at the fair. Last post days for delivery to the US in time for Christmas is December 10th, for Western Europe, it’s December 12th, and for the UK, it’s the 13th for parcels. So bear that in mind when you’re ordering. We will do our very best to ensure all orders go out before these dates.

Pacman tote bag – £7.00

Batman coin purse – £6.50

Batman zip pouch – £6.00

Superman washbag – £6.50

Comic sound effects card wallet – £6.00

All can be found here

Christmas Orders

11 Sep

Summer is officially over (not that it ever really got started in these parts) and that means it’s time to start looking ahead to Christmas. And I know what you’re thinking, but no, it’s not too early 😉

You may have noticed that we’re currently trying to fill the store with wallets, bags and purses in a variety of geeky fabrics and now’s your chance to get in early and order some handmade Christmas presents for the nerds in your life. At the moment we’re focusing on waterproof wash bags, cotton totes and folding card wallets, and we’ve got a few comic book themed fabrics to choose from. (Unfortunately the dark blue Batman fabric is no more – there will be a few items in this fabric available in store soon, but once they’re gone, that’s it! )

So if any of this sounds like the perfect gift idea for someone you love, drop us a line, either by emailing us at capesandcrafts[at] or through our store. Check out our available fabrics below, and contact us for more information if you’d prefer another colour or pattern. We sometimes have limited quantities of other comic themed fabrics too, but these are our main choices at the minute. But be quick! These fabrics are pretty much unavailable now so it’s first come first served 🙂

Superman logo on royal blue cotton

Batman logo on light blue cotton

Super Friends Green Lantern on white cotton

Super Friends Superman on royal blue cotton

Super Friends Green Lantern on grey cotton

You can also have a look at our custom order tab at the top of the page to see what products we have made in the past. We are happy to make any of those items again in fabric of your choice.

Back to School Cross Stitch Sale

21 Aug

Here in our little corner of Scotland, today was the first day back to school. Which is cause for much rejoicing! When the kids go back to school, there are whole chunks of time suddenly free. And what better use for all that time than working on some cross stitch?! If you couldn’t agree more, head over to our shop and pick up a few patterns – and to show we care, use coupon code BACKTOSCHOOL to get 30% off your order. (Valid until the 31st of August)