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Nerdtastic Easter Basket

10 Mar

You’ll no doubt be aware that there are tons of Easter themed cross stitch patterns out there. It seems to be a big event on the cross stitcher’s calendar. They usually feature bunnies or chicks or, my personal favourite, a basket full of colourful eggs with bows and flowers on it. All very pretty, but not very geeky. So in our usual style, we took something traditional and turned it on its head. Check out another one of our seasonal patterns in store – a Mario themed Easter basket pattern!

The recipe for this creation? Take one plain brown basket, and fill it with Yoshi eggs …


Add Lady Bow’s bow on top …


And finish with fresh blooming fire flowers …


Mix together artfully and voila! A geeky Easter basket!

Mario Easter Basket pattern - £2.30

Mario Easter Basket pattern – £2.30

This pattern is perfect for adding to homemade Easter cards, and will only be available until March 30th before it heads back into the C&C vault.



Cross Stitch Riker is Handsome *and* Wise

11 Jun

I don’t think I’m alone in saying that I have a tiny crush on Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Commander Riker. I mean, how can anyone resist such a great beard (we’re pretending pre-beard Riker never existed.) In fact, Steve, the other half of the shop double team, is also the owner of an impressive beard – take from that what you want!

Beard fetishes aside, I think we can all agree that Riker is just plain awesome. Which is why I took one of his best quotes from the series, and set about designing a little cartoon style Riker head to go along with it. Check out the pattern in store now.

Riker quote cross stitch pattern – £2.30

I think Data might be next in line for this treatment – he’s had some awesome lines too. Soon the shop will be over flowing with Star Trek patterns!

My Neighbour Totoro patterns

23 May

This Totoro pattern was the one that started it all! It was one of the first completed samplers we had in store and the one which attracted the msot requests for the pattern. That’s what prompted us to start creating original patterns and selling them to other stitchers. And it is one of our biggest sellers.

My Neighbour Totoro counted cross stitch pattern – £2.30


There are tons of other Studio Ghibli inspired ideas running around my brain, and I’ve managed to turn some of them into patterns. From this very simple, yet striking, Catbus pattern

Catbus counted cross stitch pattern – £2.30

… to my personal favourite – soot sprites!!

Soot Sprites (Susuwatari) counted cross stitch pattern – £2.30


And coming soon, in our  forthcoming glow stitches section of the shop, a glow in the dark kodama – a tree spirit from Princess Mononoke. No doubt there will be requests for this pattern too!

Glow in the Dark Kodama completed sampler – coming soon – £7.50

Back of sampler


Try as I might, I can’t quite seem to get a photo of the glow in the dark effect – but when the sun goes down tonight, I’ll give it another go!

The Avengers cross stitch pattern

7 May

Steve (who you may remember is the other half of the Capes and Crafts tag team) has had a hand in designing a fair amount of the patterns you can find in store. He’s a man of big ideas, and sometimes, I have to rein in his imagination a little. But last weekend, he went to see the new Avengers movie, and, like the rest of the world, was suitably impressed. No, that’s not quite right. He was blown away! I have yet to see it, so can’t pass judgement, but that very night folks, he sat up designing a cool little Avengers pattern, which I thought was totally cute! And it even features Hawkeye’s comics costume rather than the movie one, so it’s not just for cinema fans 🙂

Avengers cross stitch pattern – £2.30


The pale colours of Cap’s headgear and Thor’s helmet mean that this pattern lends itself especially well to be stitched on coloured aida, and would be perfect for a child’s room too.

Stitching in Rapture

21 Apr

Both myself and the boyfriend love the Bioshock games. I can be pretty difficult to impress when it comes to video games, and I don’t buy a huge amount, so a game has to be pretty amazing for me to love it. Bioshock is defintiely amazing. Creepy, with lofty philosophical undertones, it manages to cleverly play on the limitations traditional console gaming imposes, most memorably, the lack of free inherent in a limited game environment. So it was always going to be a no brainer that we design some patterns based on the game. There are two patterns in store at the moment, and Steve has a few more up his sleeve.

Bioshock little sister quote sampler pattern - £2.30

The little sisters were my favourite characters (I always saved them – I couldn’t bring myself to harvest any) and their relationship with the Big Daddies is at once endearing and terrifying. So what better subject for a sampler!

Bioshock Ryan quote cross stitch sampler pattern - £2.30

Andrew Ryan’s philosophies are the core of both Bioshock games, and the deco styling of Rapture inspired the design of this pattern. I even created a Raptue ‘seal’ using some of the in-game fonts and a little 40’s flair. The tangled border gave me a little bit of trouble at the corners, but I just couldn’t finish the pattern without it – I think it really ties together the retro vibe.


So, two Bioshock patterns in store at the moment, and with the imminent release of Bioshock Infinite and the dramatic change in setting, you can expect to see a few more!

God of Thunder

18 Apr

Another new pattern found it’s way into the shop this week. This Thor pattern was finished really late at night, in a surprising flash of inspiration, and I think it looks pretty neat. The viking script took AGES to get perfect – it really was a labour of love. It paid off though, I think, and one of these patterns has already sold 🙂

Thor Mjolnir pattern - £2.30

Context: I ate all your bees.

15 Apr

Black Books 'I ate all your bees' pattern - £2.30

This Black Books pattern is one of my favourites, and the pattern I’m most proud of designing. It features a quote from the British comedy series, delivered by Manny, who was played by Bill Bailey. For those unfamiliar with the series, I strongly urge you watch it. It is brilliantly funny. This quote is from episode 5 of season 1, The Big Lock Out. In this episode, Manny is locked in the book shop overnight, while Bernard is locked out, by a new high-tech security system. Manny ends up drinking absinthe and eating dead bees to ‘survive.’