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Custom Washbags are Super Cute!

24 Jul

The last in our recent slew of custom orders were two super cute little waterproof drawstring washbags. These were relatively easy to make, but look really great! Once again, the customer opted for non-superhero themed patterns and we were happy to oblige. In the end we decided on the red car print for a little boy who loves cars and trucks, and the bird print for another who loves bird watching.

In a few weeks time I’ll be adding a few of these bags to the store. They’re handy for all ages, and useful for weekends away, the gym or keeping make-up in. Here’s a sneak peak of some of the fabrics I’ll be using.

So be sure to like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter to be the first to know when they hit the store!


Free Pattern Friday: Bumper Edition!

20 Jul

The C&C minions are off on holiday next week (and do we ever need it!) which means we won’t be around for the next two Fridays. We figured this would be a great chance to offer up all of our previous free patterns for anyone who may have missed them the first time around, or any new readers and followers who have only joined us recently. And of course, there’ll be a new pattern too 🙂

So, first up, this week’s new pattern, which is inspired by Game of Thrones (no shock there, really.) A pretty little sampler with a floral border to immortalise the wisdom of one of our favourite characters, Bronn. It does include swearing though, so if you’re of a sensitive nature, I apologise.

Oops, looks like you missed your chance to download all of our free patterns so far! But don’t despair, there’s a new one for this week, which you can find under the ‘free pattern friday’ tag 🙂



Not Just Capes

18 Jul

We’re getting ready to introduce some new merchandise into the store at the end of August, which isn’t so much cross stitch related, but more fabric and needle and thread based. We toyed with the idea of opening another store for our textile products, but we don’t want to confuse anybody, so you’ll find the new products under the ‘sew geeky‘ tag in our existing store when they’re listed (if you check it out at the minute, there’s a lonely Batman skirt available, and I have enough fabric to make one in a smaller size if you like.) We’ll also be taking custom orders, and while our store will remain heavily geek based, we welcome all sorts of requests. This post is about one of them.

So here at C&C towers we clearly love our superheroes. But, while some kids love comics, and that’s awesome, some kids love princesses, and that’s awesome too. And we’re more than happy to help those kids deck out their bedrooms, pillow forts or cardboard box castles with super awesome decorations too. Check out our most recent custom order. The request was for bunting for a little girl’s bedroom, in pinks and purples. I asked what kind of things she was into, and was told she loved Disney princesses. So I found some suitable fabric and got to work. This was the result.

The little girl in question hasn’t seen it yet, but her mum is certain she’ll love it, and I was able to use the excess fabric to make two matching cushion covers 🙂

So, if you like what we do (and I’ll have more examples of just what we can do in the coming days) feel free to ask us to change up the fabrics or colours. We’re always happy to help!


Finished products!

16 Jul

A few weeks back, I finished a pretty epic custom order. A lovely customer asked me to stitch up two of our patterns – the Lannister house sigil pattern and the Doctor Who ‘the angels have the phone box’ pattern. For both these patterns, it was my first time actually stitching them, and while it took about three weeks worth of evening stitching to finish both, they look pretty awesome. Steve wanted to keep the Lannister one!

Both were sent unframed, but with detailed framing instructions.

All ready for posting!

As we’re headed off on holiday soon (well that’s the plan anyway), we’re not actually taking on any finished custom orders at the moment, but we’re still accepting custom PDF pattern requests. And hopefully, towards the end of August, we’ll have some brand new physical products in the store! Exciting!

Free Pattern Friday: Adventure Time!

14 Jul

Sorry for the delay in getting this week’s free pattern up, and the absence of a free pattern last week. Those of you who follow us on Twitter or Facebook will know we’ve been dealing with family medical stuff, but that’s pretty much all in hand now, so we can continue providing you guys with awesome geeky patterns each week! This week is a small pattern, just under 5 inches by 2 inches, but it’d make a great little bookmark! Behold, our very first Adventure Time themed pattern!

Oops! This pattern is no longer available – you  missed your chance I’m afraid. But be sure to check out the free pattern friday tag to find this weeks offering 🙂


8 Jul

As you may have noticed, the store is unexpectedly in vacation mode and there have been no new patterns, free patterns or Twitter updates for a few days. We are dealing with some family medical issues, and will hopefully be up and running again soon. Thanks!